Doug Sisk

Position Lead Developer
Fused Since 2010

60% of the time I’m a web developer every time

As lead developer, my job is split between two roles. First and foremost, I call the technical shots. What technologies should we use? What can we do to make our code run faster? Are we staying up to date and secure? That’s all on me. If you have a project that requires 50 million database rows, I’d say “been there, done that.”

Reporting is one of the most critical, and overlooked, aspects of website development. I put together scripts, interfaces, and spreadsheets that help our clients make their operations as efficient and profitable as possible. It’s always nice to wake up on Monday and see that sales were up 10% last week.

Fun Facts

  • 01

    I like big data even in my off-time

    I run WDW Passport, a website that’s been collecting Disney World wait times since March 2017. I’ve got over 11 million wait times tracked. However I can’t tell you how crowded it will be next week.

  • 02

    I was Fused’s first remote employee

    I started with Fused in Sioux Falls, but departed for Denver in October 2015. I’m now in Orlando as of May 2021. While I miss being in the office from time to time, I can’t complain about my 10 foot commute.

  • 03

    I’ve had at least 2000 different beers

    All within one weekend in fact.