Chad Riedel

Position Lead Designer
Fused Since 2011
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If time & money were no object, I'd still be working on it.

No doubt a by-product of being a seasoned creative who is never content (in fact, despises the phrase “good enough”) and a lone wolf in their department. That’s technically speaking, anyway; we have never had a junior designer or art director on our team to have those design meetings like you see in Mad Men (sans the cigarettes, but with the scotch).

But I have had the great pleasure these last 11 years of working with a rad group of people (team and clients alike) who are around to give guidance and input whenever I ask for it (and even sometimes when I don’t). My experience and knowledge in design carry a lot of weight. Still, my ability to tap into our cumulative knowledge base when a project or idea gets too heavy is a cool dynamic to be a part of, and it has produced some really good stuff.

Fun Facts

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    Inspired by the Postwar Era in all the right ways.

    While I have approximately 1,000,001 sources of inspiration, there is one that rules them all: the postwar era. Just the good things, though, with an emphasis on mid-century modern design. Graphic design trends, modernist architecture, the adoption of form follows function in furniture, and ultimately, the way of living those things shaped.

  • 02

    I participate in a variety of obscure sports.

    Unique sports? Old-man sports? Barely even a sport? Whatever you want to call them, they’re a great way to make (and keep) friends, improve cognitive and physical abilities, help with perfectionism, and simply unwind from the day-to-day. In no particular order, some of these sports include bird watching, mushroom hunting, pickle ball, golf, and curling, to name a few.

  • 03

    Speaking of Culring, I designed my curling team's logo...

    and you can spot it in the wild on Matt Hamilton’s water bottle and Chris Ply’s rooftop cargo carrier. If you don’t find that impressive, I get it, maybe you’re not from the midwest, but you should. We’re the Sultans of Sweep. Our logo looks like this if you’re curious.

Most Proud Of

  • Slydog Coming Soonish

    Slydog Skis Rebrand

    Slydog's brand was 112 years old in dog years, so we threw 'em a bone with a rebrand. A HOT 🥵 new look, but still cool AF 😎
    Branding, Design
    A Slydog Skis project by Fused Agency
  • Slydog Coming Soonish

    Customizable Snowmobile Ski Builder

    Design, Development, Digital, Technology, User Experience