Let's Work Together

Already know we're a perfect match?

So you're spirited & wanna make cool shit? Right on. Us too.

If you've made it to this corner of the internet chances are you're already vibing with us (or we've at least piqued your interest), so we can cross that off the list. Here's the full list of criteria that'll make magic in the boardroom:

  • you dig our vibe
  • you're ready to collaborate with a team to try new stuff, push boundaries and ask more questions
  • you have opinions and ideas and aren't afraid to say "no" (and prefer to work with people who have and do the same)
  • you see the value in educating, guiding and challenging those you hire, but you know that respecting their expertise means getting more out of what you paid for
  • you enjoy the exchange of emojis, gifs and memes

Hey y'all! So stoked you might work with us! If you do, I'm your girl!

Meet Erica
Consider this the start of a beautiful relationship. Did we just becomes best friends?

I want to work with people / businesses / organizations / communities / services / products / etc. who have something to say and will benefit my crew's interests, insights, and talents.

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