Brian Brua

Position Lead Strategist
Fused Since 2008
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Behind every driver...

If you’re a fan of stock car racing you’ve probably heard of Richard Petty. He’s “The King” of NASCAR – one of three drivers to win seven Cup Series championships, winner of over 200 races, and statistically the most accomplished driver in the history of NASCAR. He’s a true wheel man, and has been rewarded greatly for his talent.

But a talent like Petty’s can only soar to greatness under the right conditions – he needed the right car, with the right setup, guided by the right leadership. He needed a great crew chief. He needed a man outside the cockpit and out of the spotlight with the intelligence and discipline to call the shots that would build a winning team, not just a winning driver. Dale Inman was that crew chief, and he led that team to every single one of Petty’s championships, and 188 of Petty’s wins.

The behind-the-scenes crew chief is the role I play at Fused. My job is to put my clients in their own version of victory lane, by utilizing every tool, talent, and strategy I can think of. And just like the relationship Inman and Petty shared for 30 years, I’m in the race with my clients for the long haul – focused on trying to win one race at a time. We’ll celebrate when we win, and learn & improve when we lose.

Fun Facts

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    I have a list of fish to catch & cook.

    Fishing is my happy place. I think it’s the perfect mix of equipment, technique, and time outdoors in pursuit of an edible reward. I have a list of all the fish that I hope to catch and cook at some point in my life. So if you get a vacation autoresponder email from me, don’t hesitate to reply and ask which fish I’m chasing during my time off.

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    I really like to turn left.

    I raced dirt track oval karts for around 13 years; from the time I was twelve up to my retirement after my first kiddo was born. In my heyday, I was pretty good at turning left at 60mph while sitting 1/2″ off the ground. I’m really looking forward to creating more karting memories when my own kids  are old enough to get behind the wheel.

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    My moped was my first love

    I bought a junked out, non-running 1980 Honda NC50 when I was 15.  And thanks to my obsessions with the internet and motors, I kept real busy researching two-stroke engine mechanics, carburetor repair, automotive painting, and even some performance mods. She only did 32mph on a calm day, but that restoration was worth all the effort. My profile is living proof.