Arrow’s Product & Service Catalog

If it’s in this catalog, we either wrote it, photographed it, designed it, organized it, or lobbied for it. To date, it’s our most in depth adventure into the world of print. Not bad for a bunch of “digital-first” folks.

We worked closely with the team at Arrow to define the objectives of every section of this catalog. They had a lot of points they wanted to share with departments looking to upgrade their ambulances, whether those departments are buying new or remounting their existing box.

We like to think of this brand catalog as a symphony, starting with some light “get to know ya” convo, then crescendoing into full spreads of all the visual goodies that make EMTs excited for a new workspace.

Fun fact – from a content standpoint, this catalog is nearly an identical match to Arrow’s website. So which came first – the chicken or the egg – the website or the catalog? If you can’t tell, why should we?