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    USD GME Coming Soonish

    USD GME Programs Virtual Tours

    What do you do when training kind, skilled healthcare leaders is more important than ever but you can't fly prospective residents or fellows to your campus for a tour? Try really hard to pretend a videographer behind a Canon C200 is every prospective applicant, take 'em on a tour, and put it on the internet (obviously).
    Digital, Technology, Video
    Oh My Cupcakes! Coming Soonish

    Staged Wedding Photography & Videography

    It's easier (and a lot more fun) to market a service with pretty pictures and video than a bunch of words, so we brought together local wedding vendors and a now-married couple together to shoot a staged wedding.
    Marketing, Photo, Sales, Strategy, Video
    Arrow Ambulances Coming Soonish

    Built in the USA Craftsmanship Feature Video

    Arrow ambulances are built in the USA by craftsmen who understand the importance of dependability, and we wanted to give them the spotlight.
    Marketing, Strategy, Video
    An Arrow Ambulances project by Fused Agency
    Arrow Ambulances Coming Soonish

    Winter Checklist Help Video

    Animation, Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Video
    Winter Checklist Video | a project by Fused Agency for Arrow Ambulances