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Who is Oh My Cupcakes!, anyway?

A place to create memories? A Magical Kitchen? A not-so-secret ninja training academy? Yeah, all of that and Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s first gourmet cupcakery with a nationwide presence.

Oh My Cupcakes! bakes cupcakes, pupcakes, and regular ole cakes fresh every day. Never one to bore, Oh My Cupcakes! has a daily rotating menu of gourmet cupcake flavors, including a special set of monthly seasonal flavors. Some so popular they’ve been made available in cups of frosting and candles!

Known to locals as a purveyor of Insta-worthy backdrops and deliverer of joy, Oh My Cupcakes! has two brick and mortor locations, delivers regionally, and ships nationally. And for the last 10 years, we have helped increase sales, grow a customer base, build their brand, and market and advertise their products.

What we’ve helped them accomplish.

Like some before (and many after), we’ve helped take a popular DTC business from a single brick and mortor store with a content website and a contact form plugin to take online orders to a robust, custom ecommerce site that integrates with a custom order management system and a custom CMS (built on WordPress).

Oh! We also threw together interactive in-store menus and a wood and acrylic lightbox that flashes when a new online order comes through to alert front-of-house employees helping in-store customers they have an online order to look into.

That’s just off the top of our heads: there’s also the fact that we built their ecommerce system flexible enough they could sell grocery basics like bread, eggs, flour and sugar, collect tips for their employees, and promote virtual events to help sustain costs during the COVID-19 pandemic closures. 

And, we revamped their big-ticket items, corporate events and weddings, so they were ready to hit the ground running when life was ready to get back on track.

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