James Willard

Position Shooter, Editor & Animator
Fused Since 2021
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Flow State Functionality

In rock climbing we call the routes we take from the ground ‘bouldering problems.’ While these problems require a great deal of physical strength—strategy, sequence, and focus are ultimately paramount. Without such considerations, failure is almost guaranteed.

As is with climbing, good editing is predicated on strategy and sequence. With a great deal of experience, being deliberate about things becomes less explicit. I climb with intent without having to preconceive every movement, much as I frame certain shots while filming knowing that when editing, they will be effective.

Fun Facts

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    Addicted to Crag

    I spend the vast majority of my time rock climbing. There’s nothing quite like expending maximal effort—especially in the interest of standing on top of a rock.

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    If I wear pants, they are cuffed.

    Yes, I am actually preparing for the incoming flood, thanks for asking.

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    Suns out, toes out

    In the months that South Dakota permits, I try to avoid wearing shoes at all costs.

Most Proud Of

  • Slydog Coming Soonish

    Animated Ad, Brand Awareness Campaign

    Advertising, Animation, Design, Sales, Strategy
  • Arrow Ambulances Coming Soonish

    Winter Checklist Help Video

    Animation, Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Video
    Winter Checklist Video | a project by Fused Agency for Arrow Ambulances