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Advertising Manager

We need an advertiser - a thinker, planner, analyst and reporter.

We have a ton of ideas that will attract customers to our client's businesses, thus helping our clients grow (that's our entire thing if you haven't figured that out yet). But we need someone fully dedicated to strengthening these ideas and getting them in front of new and existing customers.

This role is all about driving quality traffic to our clients' websites and generating leads and sales. And you have our entire creative team at your disposal to help you do it.

You will have a lot of work to do. But we're ready to teach you everything we know about the industries we've worked in over the last decade, and everything we know about digital & creative marketing.

What you'll do

What you need to possess

You'll get bonus points if you have certifications such as Google Analytics or Google AdWords. If you don't have certifications, we'll pay for you to earn them.

Role Ownership is How We Roll.

There is little hierarchy here. Everyone has a job to do, and they own it, and do it better than anyone else on our team can. You'll need to do the same – own this role.

And we do everything we can to empower you and amplify the importance of that role ownership – even if that means your job is a bit harder.

Individual Office Space

It's a brutal reality that an office is likely the space you spend most of your time in every day. We want you to make your office into a place that makes you happy and gives you the energy, focus, and vibes you need in order to do awesome work.

Embrace "Three Before Me"

Maybe your grandma said it? Or maybe it was on a poster in your kindergarten class? Or maybe you have no idea what we're talking about! If not, look it up. Part of owning a role is trying to figure things out on your own. We believe self-teaching is the absolute best way to learn. If you need someone to answer all your questions you won't make it long working here. Sure, it sounds brutal. But we promise it will be a huge source of joy.

Opportunity to Collaborate

We have frequent meetings of the minds when we're exploring the best way to approach and execute projects. We're going to lean on you often for input, ideas, and opinions – we expect you to have them. We don't have account execs that sell work before you know about it, and we rarely just execute specific instructions from our clients. We need you to weigh in and tell us how to best execute your piece of a project.

Time and Resources to Learn

We budget for education. Whether that's going 3 days over budget so you can learn a new thing, a $200 online class, or an annual $1,500 trip to a role-specific conference, we're ready to invest. We know that new ideas take time and cost money, and we're good with that. If we only delivered what we already know how to do, we wouldn't get very far.

Respect Other's Roles

Owning a role is a pretty sweet privilege. But it requires some major teamwork, respect, and humility. We hire and lead very intentionally, and as a result, have some extremely talented people on our team. When a design decision needs made, we're going with our lead designer's decision. When a project deadline is set, you owe it to the director of project execution. Show respect and we promise you'll earn it back.

What You'll Get

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