DIY Content Creator & YouTube Personality

Hey! We're Excited to Hear From You

Thousands of people shop every day looking for parts to fix their home appliances.

We’re looking for someone to help us create and deliver quality do-it-yourself videos, repair instructions, and symptom diagnosis content to those people.

Parts Dr’s goal is simple – build people’s confidence in fixing their own broken appliances and sell them the parts they need so they can save money and feel good about fixing things.

This position at Fused will work exclusively with Parts Dr, a Fused client since 2014. If you haven’t already, click here to learn about Fused and how we work and grow alongside our clients, or here to learn about our values.

So, are you interested in being paid to make videos like this one? If yes, keep reading.

Here are the duties you’ll undertake:

  • You will research, plan, and script diagnosis and part replacement videos for various types of home appliances including: dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves/ovens, washing machines, dryers, etc. This means researching how a particular brand and model of appliance works, taking it apart, putting it back together, and writing scripts for the repairs that will be easy for viewers to follow along with.
  • You will NOT be responsible for any video shooting or editing duties. James from our team will work closely with you to plan video shoots based on the scripts you’ve outlined. He will take care of all aspects of composing, directing, shooting, lighting, and editing each video. We promise he’ll help make you look great!
  • You will star as the on-screen talent in your repair videos, following along with and narrating the video scripts you’ve created. We want you to build a likable and trustworthy personality under the Parts Dr brand that will help us grow our YouTube channel.
  • You will create written repair instructions based on the videos you’ve produced, like this one, and populate them into our web-based content management system.
  • You’ll work alongside the rest of the Fused and Parts Dr teams with future endeavors related to delivering diagnosis and repair content to customers.

Traits we’re looking for:

  • Charismatic, well-spoken, and confident personality
  • Strong mechanical and electronic DIY skills; high mechanical aptitude
  • A fan of YouTube as an education and learning platform
  • Strong computer and typing skills
  • Desire to constantly improve and learn
  • Desire to build a long-term career
  • Motivated by this type of feedback from customers:

How we’ll invest in you:

  • Full-time and long-term career opportunity
  • We’ll help educate you about the appliance industry, and dedicate time for learning
  • Starting pay of $25 per hour (~$50k/year) with lots of room for growth based on performance
  • Paid holidays and paid time off
  • Health insurance
  • Simple IRA
  • Annual education and professional development budget
  • Your own 16” MacBook Pro M1 and 38” ultra-wide monitor
  • Your own office (with a window) at our Broadband location in Sioux Falls
  • Constant investment in video, audio, and lighting gear and repair tools
  • Access to tools to help get more work done faster and better. These tools include a Grammarly subscription, access to photo editing software, task organization software, and content management training. And, the rest of our team will be available to answer questions whenever you have them (as long as you tried looking for the answer yourself, first).

Interested in this career?

Record and send a video introduction to and tell us about:

  • Things you’ve built or repaired yourself (doesn’t have to be appliance related)
  • YouTube channels you are most inspired by or thankful for, and why
  • Why/how you’re a good fit for the traits we’re looking for (see the list above)

There is no deadline for applications. Interviews will be held only for applicants who we determine fit the requirements of this job listing. We will only hire once we’re confident that we have the right person for the job.

Full-time plus benefits
$25/hr or ~$50k/year with room to grow
Your own office with a window
Access to a stocked office fridge and coffee bar